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My name is Aidan Jones, I’m a stand-up comedian based in Melbourne, Australia. During Melbourne’s 2021 lockdown I set up my desk at the end of my driveway in Brunswick with a sign that read “Comedian Giving Out Free Jokes”, and told jokes to people on their morning walk. Have a look!

Funny stuff? If you liked that, check out my weekly podcast, it’s like a weekly audio-diary where I tell stories and joke ideas, the goal is to make myself laugh. It’s called Sitting Under A Tree and there’s a new episode out every Tuesday.

All the episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever podcast app you use. I’ve been doing it since November 2017, so listen to some recent ones, then if you like it, there’s plenty to go back and binge on!

Ep 211 – Be KindTo Yourself Sitting Under A Tree

Another podcast recorded at 11pm after another breathless day of pointless stressing. I'm trying to remind myself to take moments for me – on Saturday night I took myself to dinner at Marion Wine Bar on Gertrude St and it was absolutely incredible. Also last week I went to the Van Gogh exhibition at Lume, and then got a massage. It's been great, but somehow today I'm right back to freaking out all day. It never ends.
  1. Ep 211 – Be KindTo Yourself
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  3. Ep 209 – Dietician
  4. 208 – Taping The Special
  5. Ep 207 – Melbourne

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That’s it really. Good on ya. x