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My name is Aidan Jones, I’m a stand-up comedian based in Melbourne, Australia. Below is a video of a set I did in Newcastle, UK in September 2019, give it a watch, I’m very funny.

Funny stuff? If you liked that, check out my weekly podcast, it’s like a weekly audio-diary where I tell stories and joke ideas, and the goal is to make myself laugh. It’s called Sitting Under A Tree and there’s a new episode out every Tuesday.

All the episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever podcast app you use. I’ve been doing it since November 2017, so listen to some recent ones, then if you like it, there’s plenty to go back and binge on!

Ep 193 – The Retreat Sitting Under A Tree

I booked a beautiful retreat in the Glass House Mountains an hour or so out of The Sunshine Coast, and turned my phone off. I thought it'd be a nice way to unwind and reconnect with myself, whatever the fuck that means. I was wrong.
  1. Ep 193 – The Retreat
  2. Ep 192 – I'm Still In Cairns
  3. Ep 191 – Don't Be Ashamed of Sex
  4. Ep 190 – Sometimes You Just Have To Let Your Heart Break
  5. Ep 189 – Art

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That’s it really. Good on ya. x