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My name is Aidan Jones, I’m a stand-up comedian based in Melbourne, Australia. During Melbourne’s 2021 lockdown I set up my desk at the end of my driveway in Brunswick with a sign that read “Comedian Giving Out Free Jokes”, and told jokes to people on their morning walk. Have a look!

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Ep 206 – Casey Gothard Sitting Under A Tree

Another guest this week! Casey Gothard is an artist and comedian based in Melbourne. She's had a bit of exciting national and international press in the last few weeks for doing a portrait of Dan Andrews out of fairy bread, but she's been making cool shit for years. We talked about her high school art teacher supporting her and bringing the principal of her grammar school along to watch her fill the drama theatre knee-deep with garbage while fascist propaganda films played on a projector. We talked about blood, art, and we took a pee-break in the middle. This was a fantastic conversation!   Follow Casey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caseygothard And buy some fairy bread merch on her website: https://caseygothard.com/
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